If my package is lost or delayed what happens?
Once the package leaves our hands, The United States Postal Service or Federal Express are in charge of the package. Occasionally the package is lost or delayed. During checkout you can add insurance for lost, damaged or delayed packaged. If your package has not arrived within 10 days of the shipping notification please contact us via email or telephone. We require that the package be missing for at least 15 business days from the ship date, at which point we will either ship a new package or offer a refund...at the customers discretion.

My package arrived damaged
Please be sure to document any problems with your order to help us improve issues. If your product arrives damaged and you have purchased insurance please do not open the sealed bag which all product is shipped in...as it must be returned for a replacement. Contact us directly via email or phone to process an exchange. We will mail out replacement product along with a shipping label so you can return any damaged product at no additional cost. A credit card charge will be held and then refunded once the damaged product has been received by our warehouse.

What is the best way to order?
Using our automated online shopping cart is the easiest way to order from Valentino Bowling. If you'd like we also take phone orders.

What types of payment do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we try to find the cheapest shipping route so everyone can enjoy our products around the globe. Please contact us directly for pricing, and please include your location with postal code. Our website is currently not setup for international orders and will usually force a higher shipping price than what we can offer if you contact us directly.

Why does Resurrection turn pink?
Resurrection turns pink due to contact with sunlight and strong light bulbs. The coloring does not effect the results or shelf life. Shake bottle thoroughly before use.

Why does Resurrection split and create pressure?
Resurrection contains two natural ingredients which cause the product to split into 4 layers. Simply shake the product vigorously before use. During priority shipping, the bottles may be subjected to high pressure. Open the bottle carefully as the product may be pressurized.

My polish is splitting, is this normal?
Yes, this is normal. When the product settles, splitting may occur. Simply shake the product vigorously before use.

What is the best temperature to store your products?
Try to keep the products between 60° and 90° Fahrenheit. Do not exceed temperatures of 120 degrees. During the winter season, product may arrive frozen due to shipping issues. Simply thaw the product back to room temperature. Do not microwave or apply heat to product. Temperatures during summer can exceed 150 degrees in automobiles. DO NOT leave product in a car, trunk or garage. Remedy RX will evaporate and cause the bottle expand and/or explode.

Where is my tracking number?
Our automated system sends out an email when your order has been shipped. Located in this email is a link which has the USPS or FEDEX tracking number.

Please keep all products away from children. Follow the instructions and warning label on each product