About Us

Since March 2008, Valentino Bowling has been manufacturing a full line of performance maintenance bowling products. Our employees work hard to make sure that every bottle of product meets our high standards and will deliver a performance that helps grow our loyal client base.

Here at Valentino Bowling, we take great pride in the fact that all of our products are manufactured by hand by our team of hard working employees right here in our Arizona office. Our staff is made up of bowlers, so we know what to look for when fine-tuning our products to get you the best possible results.

Not only do we sell great products, but the staff uses our great products. Every time we hit the lanes you can expect our equipment bags to carry our full product line. We practice what we preach and prefer to use equipment that is a minimum of 10 years old to prove the right surface is all you need for great results.

Each and every product we make is made in small 10 to 30 gallon batches and then hand bottled to ensure each and every product we ship meets a high standard of quality.

Owning a brick and mortar pro shop is difficult...and any additional profit margin when selling a bowling product helps. Our pro shop program continues to expand and increase revenue for our customers. We also offer new and exciting advertising opportunities to small and medium sized shops. Contact us if you are a pro shop looking for a new line of great products!